Eli-Chem Resins

Eli-Chem Resins

“We have offices in the UK, South Africa & Australia, and export to more than 70 countries. We have recently expanded into Canada with a production and distribution facility.

We boast having over 50 years of expertise and still lead our industry in innovation, manufacturing & technology. Excellent reasons to partner with us!

Eli-Chem Resins UK was established in 2002 with the intention to represent Elite Chemical Industries (South Africa) in Europe and other international markets. Elite Chemicals was founded in 1971 and is a leading independently owned formulator and manufacturer of thermo-setting resin systems.

Soon after settling in, we realised there was a significant market to be developed for art resins and quickly adapted our range. Eli-Chem UK developed easy to use resin systems for a variety of applications which benefit artists, and furniture manufactures amongst hundreds of other applications!

We then developed a range of art pigments & powders to complement our range of resins. These products offer amazing penetration of color and greater flexibility for you the creator, to make unique and deep-rooted designs.

Fast forward to 2018 and we now have many unique products in resins and resin-related add-ons!”

Popular products

  • MasterCast 1-2-1 Clear Art Coating Resin, 500ml
  • Deep Cast Clear Casting Resin , 300ml
  • resi-BLAST Art Dispersion Media, 25ml
  • resi-TINT MAX Pre-Polymer Art Resin Pigment Set, 9 x 10ml
  • hydroflow & Aqua Cast Sealer, 100ml
  • Aqua Cast Water Activated Casting Compound, 1kg
  • resi-TINT MAX Pre-Polymer Art Resin Pigment, 10ml - Titanium White
  • MasterCast 1-2-1 Clear Art Coating Resin, 2L
  • Deep Cast Clear Casting Resin , 1.5L
  • resi-TINT MAX Pre-Polymer Art Resin Pigment, 10ml - Blackout
  • resi-TINT MAX Pre-Polymer Art Resin Pigment, 10ml - Mulberry
  • resi-TINT MAX Pre-Polymer Art Resin Pigment, 10ml - Ultramarine

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