Testimonial from Stacey

We are a small little art and stationary store in Revelstoke BC. For us, it was a challenge to find unique, different, and popular branded art supplies for our customers. In the past we would have to say no to our customers because we just did not have the suppliers to fit their needs. This was hard as our community is very concise of buying local. Further to this, ordering right from the manufactures is not an option for us because of order minimums and our small location. We just don’t have the square footage to hold a huge amount of inventory.

Treasure Mart has really helped us solve these issues. They have a great range of unique and popular brands our customers want. With the small order minimum and the ability to have control over when our order is shipped, has really helped us fulfill our customers wants and needs without putting a strain on our operations.

With having Treasure Mart as a supplier, we now can say “Yes” more and more to our customers when they ask for an art supplies we don’t have in stock or that they saw online else where. This also helps our community to shop local. We can also have the confidence in saying I will ask and know that is we send an email we will get a reply and if they don’t have what we need they usually give us an alternative.

The amazing team at Treasure Mart is always super friendly and great at problem solving. They are very quick at email turn around and their follow through is something I wish all suppliers had. The customer service and product range that Treasure Mart provides makes working with them a joy and I can’t wait to see what they do next.